Isle Of Dogs Cast Signed X2 Sxsw Promo Photo Wes Anderson Bob Balaban King Rare


ISLE OF DOGS 8.5″x11″ CAST SIGNED & AUTOGRAPHED SXSW PROMO FLYER/PHOTO. This 8.5″x11″ promo flyer/photo for ISLE OF DOGS was signed by a cast member and the director during the SXSW 2018 World Premiere of the Isle of Dogs. This photo/flyer has been hand signed by: Bob Balaban – King (right autograph in BLUE SHARPIE) Wes Anderson – Director (left autograph in BLACK BALLPOINT PEN) All of the signatures were obtained in person at the film’s premiere in Austin in March of 2018. You can even see WES signing with the same BLACK BALLPOINT PEN he used to sign this …Read more »

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